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AL-FATTAH Stronglass is basically the premium quality Tempered Glass, which has been thermally treated to induce maximum strength and safety features. In order to attain maximum quality and safety features, AI-Fattah join hands with TAM Glass Finland, Who is world's No. 1 best Tempering Line manufacturer. AI-Fattah brings their top of the Line latest Super model which gives the liberty to temper any type and any size of glass.

AL-FATTAH Stronglass comes with many outstanding features that make Stronglass the instant choice over ordinary glass.




Strength as Compared to Ordinary Glass:

AI-Fattah Stronglass is 5-6 times stronger then its equivalent thickness of normal or ordinary glass. Strength in Terms of ps i

Stronglass induced with compressive stress of 11,000 to 20,000 psi on surfaces and not less than 9700 psi on edges.


Strength in Terms of psi

Stronglass induced with compressive stress of 11,000 to 20,000 psi on surface and not less then 9700 psi on edges.


High Thermal Shock Strength:

Stronglass provides 6 times more resistant to thermal stress in comparison to ordinary glass. It offers increased resistance to both sudden temperature changes and temperature differentials up to 250C compared to normal annealed glass, which can withstand temperature differentials up to40C only.


Thermal Breakage:

When direct sunlight falls on a pane of glass then the glass surface tends to heat up. This heating is not uniform in nature. The central part that is exposed gets more sunlight and heats up faster while the edges are relatively cooler. This creates temperature difference inside the same pane of glass and when it crosses a certain limit, there is a chance of thermal breakage. But Stronglass has significantly higher edge strength to withstand chances of thermal breakage.


Edge Strength:

Stronglass has a high edge strength as compared to normal annealed glass. This gives freedom to designers to use the Stronglass in spider glazing and point fixed glazing.



AI-Fattah Stronglass is very difficult to break but even on breakage, it will break Into small, relatively harmless fragments there by greatly reducing the likelihood of serious injuries in comparison with ordinary annealed glass.

This substantially reduces the likelihood of injury to people as there are not jagged edges or sharp corners, which are normal in the case of breakage of ordinary glass. Due to the inherent superior feature of Stronglass like more strength, ability to withstand sudden impacts and breaking into small pieces, it is considered as a safety glazing and so in all advanced countries use of Stronglass is mandatory for all the multistoried buildings. Even in Europe and South East Asia there is a Law that one can not use ordinary glass in building having height of 10 meters.


Theft Resistance Glass:

As it is already discussed that it is very difficult to break the Stronglass but due to any heavy impact if it breaks, it create a loud noise. Due to this characteristic the Stronglass is also considered as theft Resistance glass.



Cost Efficiency:

  • 5-times more strength and safety character induced in Stronglass by heat treatment process is undoubtedly a great intrinsic value addition to glass at a slightly higher price.

  • Effectively, paying a little more for Stronglass is actually paying less than ordinary glass In total, considering the replacement cost and risk factors involved in case of ordinary glass.

  • While deciding on the thickness of glass, one should keep in mind that higher the thickness greater the strength. But as the thickness increases the cost also increases proportionately. Any smart user can now opt for lower thickness of Stronglass in place of higher thickness of ordinary glass at Low cost with higher strength and added safety factor.

  • The added initial cost in case of Stronglass compared to an ordinary glass is more than compensated by the savings, as the costs for replacement due to frequent breakage, an injury costs are effectively reduced in this case.

Get Rid of Grills:

As it is already mentioned that Stronglass is regarded as safety glass as it is very difficult to break and if it breaks it creates a very loud noise. So if any robber or thief tries to enter in the house and succeeded to break it then the loud noise can alert not only the in house persons but also the neighbors. So this concluded that there will be no room for grills if some one uses Stronglass.


A comprehensive study of subject leads most users to opt for AI-Fattah Stronglass In place of ordinary glass.



AL-FATTAH Stronglass is used in place of ordinary glass on account of requiring increased strength and reduced likelihood of injury in the event of breakage. If s use is now fast growing in the architectural field. Like in most developed countries the concept of using Stronglass is now becoming fast.

AL-FATTAH Toughened glass is regularly specified in:

  • Windows

  • Partitions

  • Sliding or Swing doors

  • Shop fronts

  • Shower cabins

  • Furniture and interior decorations

  • Glass tables

  • Show cases

  • Shelves

  • Glass facades

  • Structural glass

  • Bathtub enclosures

  • Glass balustrades

  • Escalator side panels

  • Squash court walls



Strain pattern being a common characteristic of all tempered glasses, visible under certain lighting conditions at certain sharp angles is inherent in the tempering process and is not considered a defect. BOW, warp and process roll distortion being an inherent characteristic of the manufacturing process may be found within the limits set by ASTMC 1048 or DIN 1249.


Stronglass can not be cut or drilled after Tempering. Any field alterations, Including edge grinding, sand blasting or acid etching can cause premature failure.


Al-Fattah provides complete assistance in Glass selection Installation, Glass handling and maintenance. Besides the quality products and services, Al-Fattah being Customer oriented company provides services from order to delivery.

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