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Exclusive glass table tops, shelves and wash basin tops are crafted on fully computerized CMC machine for highly polished edges in various shapes and thicknesses. Glasses with central and inner cutouts and internal polishing are possible as may be conceived by the interior designer or furniture manufacturer.
Cabinet doors in flat tempered glass are possible in economy range and shelves can be made from customer requirement to mass production in low price range. Glasses for State-of-the-Art furniture are a specialty at AI-FATTAH Glass Industries (Pvt.) Limited.







In sandblasting glass, a special type of sand is held in a funnel like holder where a blast of air is forced through it to create a miniature sandstorm. Wherever the glass is not protected, it becomes "Etched" as the sand repeatedly strikes abrades and "Pits" the surface. When the sand is blown against the glass, masking tape protects areas that are to stay smooth and allows the sand to pit the glass through the stencil openings.

When the stencil is removed the etched design remains. Any glass can be sandblasted to create particular effects. Very often this technique is utilized to create small signage or trademarks or to decorate mirrors and lamps but the master choice is the door panel, the window, the room divider.






Glass bricks have long been an architectural feature in buildings of all sizes and types, moving in recent years from their utilitarian beginnings in commercial and industrial building into widespread popularity in residential construction. While glass bricks visually enhance most structures, they also offer excellent Light Trans mission, thermal Insulation, Sound Insulation, good Security, fire Protection and allow natural light to enter while still preserving privacy.





Glass bricks are actually very strong. The safety aspect depends on detailing and the stiffening of the wall. Glass bricks are laid one on top of the other (called laid stack bond) and not overlaid as in ordinary brick, so joint reinforcement is always necessary.

Running them into cross walls, using steel piers or even buttresses stiffens the walls. The architectural design of the building is essential and you would need to be familiar with how glass bricks behave. Waterproofing is also important. This is not a job for an amateur. A square steel grid as can be seen when used in footpaths, typically supports glass bricks used in floorings. They have been used as basement lighting for years. They are aesthetically pleasing if you have a room below and you want to let more light in. The effect is trendy and can be used to good effect in restaurants. Exiting visual effects and the required transparency can be achieved by selecting the correct pattern with the required specifications for your application.







AL-FATTAH TOUGHENED GLASS provides complete solutions at a one stop shop and is providing various types of metal fittings for glass assemblies, door systems, shower cubicles and structural glazing. Selecting fittings of the right quality and suitability for installation of glazing is as important as selecting the glazing itself. Today the variety of fittings as well as the variety in quality are large and can be confusing. It is best to choose from branded products which have been market tested to prevent costly failure of glazing systems and installations.
AL-FATTAH imports glass fittings for glass assemblies, door systems, shower cubicles and structural glazing from world top of line manufacturers.


Al-Fattah provides complete assistance in Glass selection Installation, Glass handling and maintenance. Besides the quality products and services, Al-Fattah being Customer oriented company provides services from order to delivery.

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