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In Pakistan till yet the double glazing is being done manually which has no significant value in terms of thermal insulation and sound proofing. By the Grace of God AL-FATTAH finds the opportunity to install the first automatic line for EnergySaver Glass in Pakistan along with the technical expertise & equipments of World No. 1 European supplier LISEC.
AL-FATTAH EnergySaver Glass is basically a premium quality double glazed glass. EnergySaver Glass range is specially designed to promote energy control. It offers numerous designs and aesthetic combinations as well as efficient use of light and thermal energy.

Basic Qualities of EnergySaver Glass :

  • It stops heat & cold transfer from out side to inside.

  • It stops heat & cold transfer from inside to out side.

  • It works as sound barrier.

  • Protects furniture and all indoor articles against damages from sunlight.

AL-FATTAH energy saver glass provides first-rate thermal insulation in winter & optimal solar protection in summer.
Combining high light transmission and thermal insulation is now possible with AL- FATTAH EnergySaver glass. Its high light transmission and high insulation properties create a comfortable living and working environment.

What it is:
AL-FATTAH Energy Saver Glass comprises two sheets of glass hermetically sealed tighter, with an air gap/Gas in between. The trapped air is kept dry by means of a desiccant, to prevent condensation on the inner surface of the glass during extreme heat and cold. A primary seal Polyisobutylene is applied to both sides of the spacer and a secondary Polysulphide / silicon is also used as a back up material.
The various components that go into making of EnergySaver Glass are:
Spacers which are usually made of Aluminum , act as a housing for desiccants and keep the 2 panes of glass separated.

Desiccant also known as drying agent performs most important function of absorption humidity inside Energy Saver Glass.
Primary seal mainly butyl sealant acts as a main seal between glass and aluminum spacer. Secondary sealant Silicon provides structural integrity to the unit.
Air Gap that is gap between the two glasses can be filled with dry air, inert gas like argon but never vacuum.
The manufacturing of EnergySaver Glass at ATG is done with help of LISEC Austria equipments. (M/s Peter Lisec of Austria is the biggest and best insulating glass machinery makers of the world).
All inputs for Energy Saver Glass are carefully chosen from the best suppliers across the world and are 100% imported with international standards. Each and every sheet of glass, components and inputs are thoroughly checked by the AL-FATTAH Quality Assurance department through a battery of tests and by the Inspection Wing, which follows stringent International standards and even the slightest defect is rejected.



Manufacturing Process:

In order to acquire the exact sizes which is very necessary in structural glazing AL-FATTAH use for the first time in Pakistan the most modern cutting line from the World best European cutting line manufacturer LISEC.
This cutting line selects the required glass sheet and cut and breaks the glass with the tolerance of 0.03mm.
The aluminum spacers are cut to size filled with Desiccants and joint at the edges in the form of a frame.
Primary sealant butyl (Polyisobutalyne) is applied to the edges and made ready to be incorporated in the assembly.

Glasses are washed and dried on the computerized manufacturing line and conveyed to the assembly for last inspection and assembled with the aluminum spacer in which primary sealant has already been applied.

The assembly is then pressed and conveyed to the applicator table for applying the secondary sealant which is silicone.
Gas is filled in each unit in order to ensure and enhance the insulation capacity of the energy saver glass. This feature is introduced by AL-FATTAH for the first time in Pakistan and it is not possible to fill the glass with gas in ordinary manual making of insulating glass.
Secondary sealant which is silicon is applied to the outer surface of the frames through Lisec Silicon Pump which ensures the thermal insulation, sound proofing,
And increases the life of the EnergySaver glass.

How it works:
In accordance with the law of physics, heat travels from regions of higher temperature to regions of lower temperature. Thus, in summer, when temperatures outdoor exceed indoor temperatures, the heat tends to escape through to the interior, making it uncomfortable. Similarly, in winter, when outdoor temperatures are cooler, the heat indoors tends to escape to the exterior. Being a poor conductor of heat, the entrapped air / Gas in EnergySaver Glass retards heat transmission. Thus Energysaver Glass reduces heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. The double glazing and air gap in energy Saver Glass also makes it effective in muffling unwanted, outside sounds.

Al-Fattah provides complete assistance in Glass selection Installation, Glass handling and maintenance. Besides the quality products and services, Al-Fattah being Customer oriented company provides services from order to delivery.

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