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In the prevention of burglary or vandalism, one of the key factors is time. The more time it takes the thief or vandal to overcome the obstacle, the more dissuasive and efficient it is. The best adapted glass product for this purpose is AL-FATTAH TOUGHENED Security Glass. In each application, the composition of the laminated glass has to be determined for the specific level of protection required. Laminated glass offers an almost endless number of possible combinations depending on the number of glass elements and inter layers utilized, their thickness and their colors. The efficiency of an anti-burglar glazing can be increased by equipping it with an alarm system.

The increasing occurrence of armed attacks has led AL- FATTAH TOUGHENED to develop laminated glass specially formulated and tested to protect people against fire-arms. In addition to its anti-burglary function. It is designed to stop projectiles and limit or avoid splintering on the opposite side of the impact, while maintaining complete visibility and light transmission.:
According to the type of weapon and ammunition, and the degree of protection required, these laminated glasses vary in thickness and composition. We will advise on all design criteria. The designer must define his requirements precisely.
For effective product utilization it is necessary to state following points

  • Type of weapon and caliber. Type of ammunition (weight-

  • speed-perforating or not). Shooting distance.

  • Number of impacts to which the glazing must resist with indication of the distance admitted between the different impacts.

  • Is splintering on the opposite side of the impact allowed? Over which distance?

AL- FATTAH TOUGHENED Security laminated glass against burglary is mainly used in shops for jewelry, cameras, electronic instruments fire arms and antiques, computer centres, museums, cashier counters in banks, post offices, embassies, ministries, police stations, nuclear centres, military installations, penal institutions, etc.



AL-FATTAH TOUGHENED GLASS provides complete solutions at a one stop shop and is providing various types of metal fittings for glass assemblies, door systems, shower cubicles and structural glazing. Selecting fittings of the right quality and suitability for installation of glazing is as important as selecting the glazing itself. Today the variety of fittings as well as the variety in quality are large and can be confusing. It is best to choose from branded products which have been market tested to prevent costly failure of glazing systems and installations.
AL-FATTAH imports glass fittings for glass assemblies, door systems, shower cubicles and structural glazing from world top of line manufacturers.

Al-Fattah provides complete assistance in Glass selection Installation, Glass handling and maintenance. Besides the quality products and services, Al-Fattah being Customer oriented company provides services from order to delivery.

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