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Laminated glass is two or more panes of glass with one or more layers of polycarbonate sandwiched between them and treated. The glass panes can be ordinary float glass or tempered or TUFF GLASS panels. If the glass is broken, fragments tend to adhere to the interlayer thereby reducing the risk of injury from falling glass and helping to resist further impact or weather damage.

Laminated glass doesn't shatter like ordinary glass. It absorbs impact, resists penetration, and remains intact even if broken, holding glass fragments in place and lowering the risk of injury. Global building standards increasingly specify stricter safety requirement, especially for overhead glazing where any breakage could mean a major hazard from falling glass.

Due to this technology AL-FATTAH proudly announce to give stairs and walkways made up of glass for the first time in Pakistan. We are making the laminated glass on International Standards.

AI-Fattah also have a vast variety of Colour laminated glasses & printed laminated glasses.





AL-FATTAH Ceramic Frit Glass also known as silk screened glass is made by printing ceramic frit on float glass by a silk screen process before tempering process. After the tempering process the ceramic frit fuses into the glass and becomes a permanent coating that cannot be removed or damaged by scrubbing or cleaning. This makes it possible to mask or make opaque areas for privacy or for concealing the background. The coating is also not affected by moisture, oil, soaps, chemicals or detergents and retains its original appearance throughout the life of the glass. Certain areas of application make it important to mask a part or whole of glass for privacy or hiding the background or enhancing the look of a product or purely for aesthetical reasons. Silk screening was initially used in automobile windscreens and back light borders to hide the silicone smudges. It was then used in domestic appliances. Lately it has been used in buildings, in curtain walls, point fixed or bolted glazing systems, shower installations, glass doors and partitions. It is also ideal for decorative designs.

A range of stable and durable colors, offers designers a wide choice.
It is light and can be effectively used as a substitute for stone, tiles, metal plate etc. and also reduces structural load on external walls.
It can be processed into laminated safety glass with high wind pressure resistance.
Ceramic fit Glass is used for curtain walls, glazing systems, shower cubicles, glass doors, partitions and other decorative applications in architectural interiors as well as exteriors.
There are however limitations on color choices, designs and sizes which may be confirmed before designing.

Al-Fattah provides complete assistance in Glass selection Installation, Glass handling and maintenance. Besides the quality products and services, Al-Fattah being Customer oriented company provides services from order to delivery.

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